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New York City Law Firms:

Personal Injury
Jeff Padilla (New York City brain injury lawyer)
Stephen Krawitz (New York personal injury appeals attorney)
Smiley Law (New York Personal Injury Attorney)
Dan Kalish (Bronx Personal Injury Attorney)
David Perecman (New York Personal Injury Attorney)
Rheingold Valet Rheingold Shkolnik, McCartney (New York Medical Malpractice Attorney)

Criminal Law
Goldberg and Allen (New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer)
Catafago Law (New York Legal Malpractice Attorney)
Blanch Law Firm (New York City white collar crime lawyer)
John Carney (New York Drug Possession Lawyer)

Business / Commercial / Securities / Employment Law
Biedermann, Reif, Hoenig and Ruff (New York Commercial Litigation Attorney)
Gottbetter and Partners (Securities public private offerings attorney)
Einbinder and Dunn (Franchise Lawyer)
Lax and Neville (New York City securities fraud attorney)
Russo and Burke (New York Estate Planning Attorney)
The Lustigman Firm (sweapstakes advertising law lawyer attorney)
Murray, Frank and Sailer (New York securities class action attorney)
Snow Becker Kraus (New York business formation attorney)
Outten and Golden (Warn Act mass layoff attorney)
Ziegler, Ziegler and Associates (New York commerical litigation lawyer)
Franchise Lawyer

Real Estate Law
Wachtel and Masyr (New York land use zoning attorney)
Belkin Burden (New York City real estate attorney)
Greenberg Trager & Herbst (Construction Law Attorney New York City)

Immigration Law
Teplen and Associates (New York Immigration Lawyer)

Estates / Wills / Trusts / Probate
Greenfield Stein & Senior (New York estate litigation lawyer attorney)

Shaked and Posner (New York Bankruptcy Attorney)
Kathleen Cully (chapter 7, 11 bankruptcy lawyer attorney)

Family / Divorce Law
Bender and Rosenthal (New York City Divorce Attorney)
Robert Smith (New York City Divorce Lawyer)
Albie Myburgh (New York City Divorce Attorney)

New York Medical Malpractice Attorney

Medical & Drug Product Liability Attorney
Automobile Product Defect Lawyer
New York Personal Injury Attorney
New York Construction Accident Attorney
Bronx Personal Injury Attorney
New York Ladder & Scaffolding Fall Attorney
Brooklyn Accident Lawyer